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School is coming to an end in three days then I'll have my exams, and I will be done for the year. I'm sad to see the semester go actually. I really liked my English teacher, so I won't be a happy camper when next week is over, and she doesn't teach any other classes so, boo :(. The other two classes, I was not too fond of so they can go. I won't be taking summer school, because $800 for one class is robbery, I could take 20 hours for a bit more than double that, so no thank you to summer school. I'd also like to let everyone know that I'm definitely going into teaching, go me.
I sat outside for two hours today, because I thought it was a lovely day, which it was. I just shouldn't have stayed out so long, since one half of my arm and back is burned, so it hurts somewhat to lay down. Also, since I thought it was such a nice day, my family decided to cook out which was really good, we tried a new recipe, so that was awesome! Continuing with the day, Ben was feeling SO much better today, which I was so happy about. We thought he had the flu, since his brother is sick with the same exact thing, and decided to go to the doctor and thats what he was diagnosed with. Ben decided, that he didn't need to go since him and his brother had the same thing going on. Well, tonight it all went down hill, and I flipped out. He was shaking, sweating and sick to his stomach. I got so upset that I told him he had to go to the doctor, because I was worried about him. He agreed and is going in the morning, thank god! I hope the doctor gives him something to make whatever he has go away, I just can not stand him being ill.
Now it is time for the television, the thing that I've been doing most, instead of writing a paper. *looks around* I'm going to cut it, incase many of you haven't seen the Finale to John Adams or Episode 5 of the Tudors (not episode 4, episode 5 the one On-Demand).

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I hope everyone is having a good week, and for those of you in school like I am, good luck on your exams!


So I picked up Jack today at 3:30 went to Taco Bell with him and his buddies , then to borders just me and him. I got my Enemy at the Gates movie , cuz my old one was a tape and it got eatten.But I have another one , so yay. We came home I watched some Degrassi , Jack tried to watch the Prince of Persia preview. Then we went to the football game , and had to park across the street in the church parking lot!! But it was cool cuz then it wasn't that hard to get out. We beat Cordova 17-0 , and I saw everyone there.So we came back here Jack's mom picked him up and now I'm typing this.. So I'll update sunday probably cuz my cousin's wedding is tomorrow and its at 6 so I wont be home till like 12.. But Jack is going so it makes me happy :D!!! So till sunday..
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I'll be proud to be like you.. just like you

So Friday and Saturday , are the big days. The football game and my cousin's wedding . And both days I'm with Jack :) Britney's party is Sept. 4th and I can't wait woo woo !! Murder Mystery time peoples.. Oh , and I took this quiz , like laura did.. haha i got dougie laura :D
Which McFlyer will do you? by MelJones
Member of McFly...
Where...On a snooker table
How long will he do you for...Hours
Will it be good...Good!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

*SIGH* the hawtness , don't worry Jack I still love you :D . Well I'm off cuz I'm talking to people on aim.. cya.
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lets talk..

School , is cool but not.. get what I mean lol. I have a butt load of homework but have i done it , I would answer , "No." . Let's review today shall we?
English :: Got vocab.. Johnny kept almost falling asleep .. I was about to but didnt show it ..
Psychology:: had a test , need to finish my project, and its being all put on me ..
Geometry:: zZzZzZ.. that lady needs to have a better way to teach math and needs to learn that we are NOT stupid!
Drama :: "I Am" I am a sunny day with popcorn showers ^^ Mrs. Mack said thats what I was :D yay
U.S. History :: Presidents test .. I aced wooo woo ..
Ecology:: omg that guy scares me..

I picked Vern up at 4:30 after "finishing" my homework.. *cough* I talk to Britney ( love ya brit stay strong :D ) At the moment talking to Jessie , which i haven't talked to in forever and I'm so glad that I've gotten to talk to her again :D And I just got msged by Robbie to tell Alex something that I'm so confused about .. tsk tsk.. I will go "Work" on the homework and then call Jack at 10 peoples.. and to end the entry

"Theres only 3 bases, I don't count home."
"And thats why you never score."
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   Yesterday was awesome. Only word to describe it. I went with my parents to pick up Jack , which my dad was being a butt , but I don't want to talk about that . Cuz the rest of the day was happy!

     So we picked up Jack went to see my gran , and he took this picture of me ::

 It's a okay picture , but pretty at the same time. After that we went to PIE IN THE SKY , after ordering me and Jack went into this Vintage clothes store next to the pizza place. I got a 60's dress here ::

  I love it , and so far everyone else has too . I can't wear it to school though its 5 inches but my finger tips arent even close to touching the bottom of the dress. I just don't understand lol . We also went to Bruster's I talked to my ex-co-workers payed and left.

 This was the best part of the day though , we watched two movies Malibu's Most Wanted & Bend It Like Beckham. We laughed , hugged , he tried to scare me and suceeded but then comforted me. It's one of those moments that  you keep with you. I've been with Jack for 11 months so far , and I haven't stopped loving him . We've had our ups and downs , but what couple doesn't . Thing is we've survived so far , hopefully for a long time.  Get over the humps of high school graduation and college together. Because we are there for each other and help each other over things.We've cried together , laughed , fought , etc.. its life.. and he's the guy i wanna spend this "life" with. Last night was another page in a book but a special page that meant alot. As the next month is starting to roll around so will our 1 yr anniversary and I just was listening to this song as the lyrics go ::

Always when we fight, I try to make you love , till everything is forgotten.. I know you hate that .. Always when we fight, I kiss you once or twice, and everythings forgotten. I know you hate that.. I love you Sunday sun weeks not yet begun , and everythings forgotten. And its always you and me always and forever!! It was always you and me always.

I love you Jack 9/20/03

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Post anything that you want. Anything at all. A story, a memory, a thought, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, a song, a question you want me to answer, you can tell me what you think of me, or something random on your mind - anything.

Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice, or as many times that you'd like, and then cut & paste this into your LJ to see what your friends have to say.

remember to post ANONYMOUSLY!!!!! post & i shall return the favor, as promised.

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I remember when I was 2 or 3 , me and my cousin Lindsey were playing in her new Sesame Street Playhouse. It had the cookie monster , grouch , and as always big bird. It's one of my best memories I have, with her. Other memories of her are stuffed in the back of my mind , I don't like going back to those. Lindsey passed away 13 years ago , I wasn't that old but i was old enough to know what was going on.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because my cousin , Chris , her brother wrote a article in the newspaper since he works for it. My uncle sent us the piece, and it was very touching :(. I cried , and I'm still crying. I'll be back to normal tomorrow people , just am not that happy right now.

If you wanna know what happened today, I went to starbucks with Danni and Carole and we did our homework. We also went to Target to get some graph paper for danni , I got some eyeliner , lip gloss ,and strawberry shortcake / carebear stickers. It was fun , this is not :( .
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a new day.

   So today I had a chapter 1 pyschology and U.S. Presidents test. Oh and did I fail both of those. I can't believe I didn't remember to do the damn homework this weekend. I tried to remember the presidents before 5th period but it was hopeless , I got some of them more than half but miss like 13 .I promised myself and Jack that we would both buckle down , which I have been but this weekend I really screwed up ><. I feel so bad about it too .

   Also this morning after my shower , I had my ring off and i had it in my hand with my watch, and dropped it. I freaked out! I couldn't find it for about 6 minutes then finally found it and calmed down . It might seem crazy , but the ring means something to me cuz its special. Oh and today I got that Kelly Clarkson song so I have it stuck in my head , its addicting :-P.

"I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky!Make a wish , take a chance , make a change. And break away.. Out of the darkness and into the sun. But I won't forget all the ones that I loved."

  Lastly , the other day I was listening to Matt on the radio , wow he's lush . Me and Laura have decided that he should be on the radio and be a DJ. Basically he was DJing on the radio for a hour and played all these great songs except the one that James suggested from Michael Jackson.. Yeah like Matt said , "You owe me James. It ruined my hour!" way to put it Matt :P...

That is all . :)

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